My Thoughts on Microsoft Ignite 2018

Microsoft Ignite 2018 was a great event and, as usual, Microsoft did a phenomenal job organizing this 30,000 person conference.  The manpower,...

Azure AD Connect - Disabling SSL and TLS 1.0

Microsoft's Azure AD Connect is a great tool for syncing your user profiles up to Azure AD for use in Office 365, and other applications.  It works...

How SharePoint Works With Microsoft Office

Often times, Microsoft services are seen as completely separate entities, but they usually integrate well together.

How To Manage Your Office 365 Video Portal

Your Office 365 Video portal is a highly effective tool for streaming and watching training, presentations, meetings and more. You may already have...

5 Biggest Issues With Office 365 And How To Fix Them

by Brad Shannon | Sep 25, 2017 | Office 365, Cloud, Microsoft

No technology solution is perfect, but luckily some of the biggest issues with Office 365 aren't difficult to fix.

How To Use Microsoft Office To Enhance Your Business

It's easy to think of Microsoft Office as just a way to create documents and spreadsheets. However, Microsoft Office 365 for Business is much more.

4 Technologies That Will Benefit Small Businesses

Small businesses sometimes avoid the most helpful technologies simply because they're marketed towards larger businesses. However, there are four...

What Makes Office 365 More Reliable And Secure

You have multiple options when it comes to productivity suites and apps, so it's sometimes difficult to know which one is the best for your business.

Improving Business Processes

Your business is growing, fast.  Processes have grown in complexity as a result.  Employees find themselves spending more time on the processes than...

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