Is Your IT Infrastructure Holding Your Business Back?

Think of your IT infrastructure as the backbone that keeps your business running smoothly and competitively. Much like an older building, without the right upgrades, it eventually falls apart, taking your business with it.

Support your business's growth by updating your IT infrastructure regularly. The last thing you want is for technology to hold you back. The big question is how do you know when IT is preventing growth?

Increasing IT Issues

How much does your business spend on tech support? If you notice a sudden increase in IT support calls and costs, it could be a sign of a failing IT infrastructure. The more employees try to do, the more obstacles they come across. From incredibly slow networks to systems regularly crashing, outdated technology can only handle so much before it starts to rebel.

Regular Outages

The average employee spends 30 minutes trying to fix their own PC problems. The average business spends 200 minutes recovering from each IT outage. Businesses spend an average of $1.55 million yearly just for IT downtime.

These are just a few of the eye-opening stats that show what happens when your IT infrastructure holds your business back. The worse your infrastructure, the more outages and downtime you'll experience. This leads to lost hours and money.

Impossible To Use Next-Gen Tech

Eager to implement the latest tech to help your business grow? Your aging IT infrastructure could prevent that. Without regular upgrades, your entire infrastructure falls so far behind that it can't support any next-gen tech. This could easily leave your business years behind your competitors.

Loss Of Employees

You might not think slower systems would cause your top talent to leave, but it's true. By trying to make do with your current IT infrastructure, employees get frustrated. Customers get annoyed with them and in the end, the employee gets blamed for not being productive enough. Instead of staying, they find businesses who invest in more efficient technologies to help them do their jobs better.

Inability To Keep Up With Demand

As your business grows, so does customer demand. If your infrastructure isn't designed to support an influx of new customers, and likely new employees, you won't be able to keep up with the new demand. The moment your business starts to flounder, customers move on to the competition.

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