Simple, Yet Effective Ways To Boost Your IT Security Strategy

The most important step to securing any business against cyber threats is to constantly review your IT security strategy to find ways to improve. The good news is it's easier than you might think to boost your strategy.

As threats continue to evolve, it's well worth tweaking your strategy regularly to keep up with everything hackers try to throw at you.

1. Always Know Your Risks

It's difficult to boost your IT security strategy if you don't know what you're trying to protect against. Staying current on the latest risks is your first step to a more secure business. The problem is, you can't rely on your vendors to let you know when there's a flaw or bug that needs to be patched. They may release a general announcement only versus contacting every client personally. Instead, read IT security blogs daily for the latest threat news, such as:

These will also remind you why it's important to update and patch software and apps regularly, along with doing full backups.

2. Lock Down File/App Permissions

Yes, it's a time-consuming process to fully lock down file and app permissions. However, threats don't just come from outside. Your IT security strategy is instantly more effective if users only have access to what they need. Placing users in groups makes it infinitely easier to secure files and apps.

3. Encrypt Cloud Data

While cloud storage and app providers usually offer some security features, your data may not be encrypted. It's not unusual for data to only be encrypted in transit. What happens if the cloud provider is hacked? Even if you have optimal security, your IT security is only as strong as your weakest link. One of your strongest security measures is data encryption when it comes to a more secure cloud.

4. Secure Mobile Devices

One great thing about implementing cloud-based services is employees have access from anywhere, but that also means from any device. Boost your IT security strategy by implementing policies for remote and mobile access. For instance, you may want to install a VPN app on mobile devices to protect against threats when using public Wi-Fi.

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