What Should You Do When Out Of The Box Solutions Don't Work?

Out of the box solutions are designed to handle the most common tasks a business might need, but the key word here is "most."

It's not uncommon for these packaged solutions to cause a business to compromise on their processes or even make it more difficult to get things done. This is why sometimes, you need more customized options to cater to your exact business needs.

Identify What You Do Need

The first step is to identify what your business needs to be more productive. Maybe the app you're using limits productivity or your IT support doesn't cover all aspects of your business. Once you know what's missing, you're able to better understand what type of solution you need to grow your business.

Think About The Future

When it comes to IT solutions, everything is constantly changing. Out of the box solutions are only temporary. As Computer Weekly points out, there isn't a one size fits all IT solution. Why? It's not future-proof. Even flexible systems have to be upgraded and if you're opting for pre-made solutions, your systems will be outdated faster than you're able to train your employees.

So, the next step is to consider the future. This is why many businesses are opting for cloud-based solutions. The developers consistently update and change the software and the business gets all the benefits. In many cases, these solutions are also easy to customize.

Go Where You Have Support

As a business owner or even IT manager, you don't always have the luxury of time. When out of the box solutions don't work, you must look for solutions with the best support behind them. From helping your business migrate to something new to helping you get systems back up and running quickly when something goes wrong, the right support is crucial to ensuring new solutions fit your business.

Opt For Familiar But Custom

Do you remember the days of having to upgrade every individual device every few years with a new edition of Microsoft Office? Now, those out of the box solutions like that don't work anymore. It's too costly to keep upgrading and too time-consuming to maintain on every device. With Office 365, users get a familiar solution, but many of the apps are customized to your business.

This is the type of customization that works best. When it's more familiar to employees, they take to it faster. You get the benefits of a custom system that grows with your business and increased productivity.

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