Why The Cloud Is An Issue For IT Managers

The cloud is an issue for many IT managers. Part of it stems from stepping into the unknown and part of it is believing myths about using the cloud.

While many businesses have adopted the cloud to reduce costs and increase efficiency, others are still holding back. It's important for IT managers to fully understand how the cloud affects IT and them.

The Cloud Isn't Secure

Security is one of the biggest reasons the cloud is an issue for IT managers. After all, the cloud is a separate service provider and may not value security as much as your own business. It's a common myth, though. While some cloud services aren't secure, reputable services focus on security, especially when a single data breach would mean the end of them.

As the InfoSec Institute points out, most cloud "breaches" aren't actually breaches. They're the result of stolen email addresses and hacked passwords. In fact, more attacks happen to on-premise servers than cloud data center servers.

Not only do cloud services provide better security, but they also give IT managers control over data access. From user level to device type, IT managers get to further secure company data.

IT Managers Lose Control

No one wants to think they don't have control over their data. Whether it's privacy concerns or fearing data might get accidentally deleted, the cloud is an issue because IT managers want to maintain full control.

When another business stores data and applications, IT managers fear they won't have any control over the services or the data being stored. It's a legitimate concern, but one that shouldn't exist. Cloud services don't take over control at any point.

They just make it easier. IT managers still have to control devices, security policies and more. Thanks to the cloud, many apps are accessed remotely, leaving IT managers more time to focus on network and device security versus installing and maintaining apps on every single device.

The Cloud Isn't Compliant

Compliance is always a concern for businesses and IT managers. The cloud is an issue because IT managers aren't sure if the cloud is compliant. Most cloud services provide full access to their security measures. It's easy for IT managers to ensure data and apps are compliant at all times.

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