3 Practice Problems To Test Your SQL

SQL issues are nothing new and every business experiences them sometimes. However, you can prevent many issues by going through common practice problems to test your SQL.

Doing this helps you uncover potential issues that could be hurting performance and usability. You'll also uncover better ways to manage and use SQL Server in the process.

Go Beyond The Default Configuration

This isn't so much a practice problem as a review. If you installed SQL Server yourself, you might have just went with the default configuration. After all, that's usually what you do with programs on your home computer. However, SQL Server is a bit more complex.

By default, SQL Server wants to use more memory than most servers or virtual servers actually have available. This alone is a problem and could easily bog down your server. Try a few test runs to see just how much of a negative effect the default configuration has on your server. Remember, defaults are nice, but all those configuration settings are worth going through.

Indexes Gone Awry

While SQL Server is surprisingly good with indexes, users aren't always so great with them. Odds are, your databases are full of needless indexes or you may even have missing indexes. Index issues negatively affect performance. If you suspect problems, try running a few tests on your current installation and then again in a test environment with newly created indexes.

It's a simple way to test your SQL and boost performance. A noticeable difference in performance means you may need to do a little index maintenance to clear away any mistakes.

Poor Usability

Having a few users that regularly test your SQL for usability problem is a must. Take a look at how your databases are created, joined, archived and more. It doesn't take long for your databases to go from useful to chaotic without proper maintenance.

Sadly, usability issues are often resolved, at least partially, with bad code. This just creates its own set of issues. So, go through some practice problems in a test environment before setting up and configuring databases. It'll save a lot of headaches later and make your databases run much smoother.

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