A Quick Look Into Cloud Security

Local storage is quickly being pushed aside for cloud storage. It's convenient and affordable, so why not utilize cloud services for your businesses files and apps?

The cloud can be useful, but there's one thing to take into consideration - cloud security. You need to know that the cloud is just as secure, if not more so, than your own business's servers.

Choosing Between Public And Private

Businesses aren't limited to using the same public cloud services as the general public. Security is always an issue when storing data off-site. It's part of why 90% of companies are concerned about cloud security. Still, 71% of businesses use at least some form of cloud infrastructure. The majority of businesses use a mix of public and private cloud services, while just 17% opting for private only.

It's vital to look at security control features on both types of cloud infrastructure to determine which offers the best protections for your data.

Encryption And Detection Are Your Strongest Tools

Traditional IT security measures aren't always as effective when it comes to cloud security. The two main types of security measures to focus on now include encryption and intrusion detection. In one survey, data encryption (65%), network encryption (57%) and intrusion detection (48%) topped the list as the most effective cloud security measures.

A runner-up was multi-factor authentication (45%) to prevent unauthorized access, even if passwords were hacked or stolen. Training IT staff to change security protocols to focus on what's most effective when using cloud infrastructure ensures the cloud is just as secure as on-site infrastructure.

Look At Who Has Control

Another concern around cloud security is who actually has control over security. Is it the business or the provider? This mainly depends on the type of cloud service, such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. Some offer far more security features and customization options. Others offer very little, if any, control outside of multi-factor authentication. If your business doesn't have control, examine all security features included to ensure they comply with your own in-house security policies.

Monitor Access

Access control is crucial when storing sensitive files in the cloud. Data may be encrypted and strong passwords required, but platforms that provide access control offer another level of security. Seeing reports on who accesses data and when gives a business valuable security insight and helps to better limit which employees have access and when.

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