Why Office 365 might be right for you...

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There’s a lot of buzz these days about Office 365. But is it really all that great? I believe it is, and in this post I’ll make a strong case why your company may want to give it a closer look.

Strong value. 

Fact is, for a (reasonable) subscription rate, you get access to a lot of capability. Whether you’re looking for the typical Office suite of products (Word, Excel, etc…), cloud-based storage, a team site for collaboration, a public facing website, mobility, instant messaging, and even online conferencing, Office 365 will fit the bill.

Slow or eliminate infrastructure refresh cycles. 

More and more we run into companies either pushing their refresh cycles out longer than they’d like, or avoiding them like their the plague. Of course, ultimately, this can lead to a host of other issues including decreased productivity, security vulnerabilities, and data loss, all of which directly correlate to loss of profit.

Alternatively, you can turn to the cloud. At DevSoft, we’re making great progress showing companies how to reduce or even eliminate infrastructure refresh cycles utilizing Office 365’s SharePoint-powered OneDrive offering. OneDrive answers many different needs in one shot. Enjoy access to your data anywhere/anytime from virtually any device, shared storage for collaboration, and (as if that weren’t enough) with your data now off premises, IT management is no longer tasked with the “do or die” aspect of backing up you’re company’s data.

Quit buying Office! 

Imagine a happy place where all your users have the latest version (or even just the same version) of office and you can still afford to keep the lights on. An Office 365 subscription can help get you there. With Office 365, all of your users will alway be on the most current version of Office available -without going into the red to get it!  And for an added bonus, depending on the subscription level you choose, your users have the capability of having not one, but up to FIVE full installs of Office across multiple devices.

Choose the right partner for your Office 365 migration. 

Many IT services firms focus on infrastructure and “dabble” in applications services. At DevSoft, we eat, drink, breathe, sleep (you get the picture) app services…It’s all we do! From Office 365 to SharePoint, .Net to SQL, and everything in between, we’ve got your back! So for your company’s Office 365 migration, choose the pros at DevSoft Solutions!

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